Lawn or Garden Won't Grow?

The Surry Extension Office has tools to diagnose problems in home lawns and gardens.  These include soil testing information, insect and weed identification, and plant disease diagnosis.  Contact the Surry office at 757-294-5215 for more information

While viewing the family unit as the cornerstone of a healthy community, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agents and volunteers work in Surry County with a focus on improving wellness for individuals and their families. There are many aspects of overall wellness including nutrition, health, financial management, and family dynamics throughout the life span. As educators, community resources, and links to professionals throughout the community, their goal is to implement effective educational and outreach programs that provide people with the life skills needed to make positive changes, and improve their overall sense of well-being. Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) programs provide practical, research-based education, which will empower individuals, families, and communities to increase their knowledge and make informed decisions in the 3 FCS pillar areas of:

Volunteers Needed for Family & Consumer Science Program

The Surry office of Virginia Cooperative Extension, Family & Consumer Sciences is interested in obtaining passionate individuals that want to hone their skills while working with the diverse residents of Surry Va. Volunteers are needed in the area of family financial management, volunteer coordinator support, senior educators (older adults).

Comprehensive training takes candidates from entry level to experienced educators, mentors, budget counselors, and other dynamic positions. Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend various training, join networking groups, build community partnerships, attend resource fairs, conduct community and internal trainings, and much more.

  • Master Financial Education Volunteers* (registration fee applies)
  • Master Food Volunteers* (registration fee applies)
  • Marketing and Administrative support volunteers*

*Registration cost include: the price of comprehensive educational manuals and CD's, tote bags, aprons for Master Food Volunteers only, food used in class demonstrations for Master Food Volunteers only, name badge or button. Please contact the Surry Extension Office at 757-294-5215 if interested.

Servsafe Food Safety Managers Class

The Servsafe Food Manager Course will take place at Surry VCE on October 28-29, 2019 from 9am-5pm. The $160 registration fee covers the book, the class, and practice exams. To become ServSafe Food Safety certified, you must pass the ServSafe Manager Certifiation Exam with a score of 75% or higher. For your ServSafe Certification to be recognized by your state or local health department, you must also meet your local regulatory requirements. Call Surry VCE at 757-294-5215 to register. 

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Financial Resources

Use these helpful links to increase your knowledge of money management issues:

Go here to get your FREE annual credit report!

Education is a key tool to prevent consumer injury. This website offers publications with advice on avoiding scams and rip-offs, as well as tips on other consumer topics.

Surry 4-H Clubs:  Surry has four (4) very active clubs that promote youth development for youth ages 5-18.  The clubs are the Surry 4-H Cloverbuds (ages 5-8), the Surry 4-H Jumping Juniors (ages 9-13), the Surry 4-H Teen Club (ages 14-18), and the Surry 4-H Shining Stars Horse and Pony Club (a project club for horse enthusiasts serving Cloverbuds through Teens). Club members do not need to own a horse to be a member.  Adult volunteers work with the clubs on age appropriate, research based curriculum and project areas. 

Surry 4-H In-School Programming:  Surry County has three public schools and the 4-H program works very closely in all three to provide research based instruction that correlates with the Virginia Standards of Learning.   Often the in-school program involves many community volunteers to support the event and activities that are provided.

Surry 4-H After School Programming: Surry 4-H has had numerous strong after school programs.  Examples include the L. P. Jackson Middle School 21st Century Grant program working with youth in grades 5-8.  One of the projects with the middle school includes lessons on a school garden, teen cuisine, and STEM Enrichment Club.

Surry 4-H Camping Program:  Surry 4-H promotes a year-long camping program through specialty camps and summer camps.  Many of these camps are district wide or statewide and promote project and leadership development.  Surry 4-H also provides day camps (often offered in the summer or during school breaks) to encourage specific project development. 

Surry 4-H Recognition Night:  Each October all Surry 4-H members, parents, volunteers and supporters are invited to the Recognition Night held at the Surry County Parks and Recreation Center (Dendron site).  This annual event allows all 4-Hers and supporters to see the accomplishments of the youth in the county.

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Engaging with Communities

Virginia Cooperative Extension specialists in community viability work with Extension agents, campus-based faculty, organizational partners, communities, and individuals to further opportunity and build capacity in five program areas:   

Examples of our work include training county elected officials, educating entrepreneurs, facilitating collaborative projects, supporting the growth of community food systems and local economies, enhancing agent skills and community capacity in facilitation and leadership, conducting problem-driven research, and creating publications and tools that address critical community needs.

Do you have a question about Community Viability?

Perhaps one of the Community Viability specialists below can help you. Contact a Community Viability specialist or direct a question to them using our Ask an Expertsystem. 

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